The First Standard Internship and Trainee Program

The greatest asset to First Standard Financial is the clientele of the firm. Equally important is the professionalism with which that clientele is handled.

With that mindset, FSF has created an internship and trainee program in which individuals who are passionate about the Financial Services industry can learn from the best seasoned professionals in the business.

Our aim is to sew and harvest the most talented hard working and ethical human capital on Wall Street by galvanizing our professionals’ relationships with the many colleges and universities in the tri-state area.


Most colleges and universities encourage and even require work experience from prospective graduates. At First Standard Financial, interns are afforded both monetary compensation and credits applied as elective credits towards a respective major.

Critical to our growth as an organization is retaining our interns after graduation and providing a platform on which they can find a very rewarding career.

Sales and Brokerage

The backbone of any retail organization, especially a successful brokerage firm, is the sales force. Connecting phone calls between financial professionals and prospects is a crucial function that enables the intern (connector) to learn not only sales skills, but also about the financial markets and products through absorbing facts being discussed around them.

Back Office and Operations

Many careers on Wall Street don’t get the glory but are still extremely vital and well-paying. At First Standard Financial, we pride ourselves on having some of the most professional and efficient back office and operations personnel in the business. As the firm undergoes its growth, not only will more careers become available, but key support roles such as interns will be necessary to contribute to the firms growth.


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